Days without an accident: 2

I think I’m really building something here. Woke up, made breakfast, ate breakfast, showered, feeling good. All that by one p.m. Not too shabby. 

My big plans to leave the apartment will have to remain just plans until I’ve got my routine down pat. You’ve got to crawl before you walk, after all. A few more weeks of this waking up, making and eating breakfast, and showering before this self-imposed one o’clock deadline, and I’ll have it perfected, paring down all wasted motion until it’s the very embodiment of haiku poetry: a complex process distilled down to a few essential strokes.  And when I do, look out, world!

Look, I’m no dummy. I know crippling self-doubt is just my cross to bear, like a lot of those genius types throughout history when they delve into uncharted territory. The risk inherent to boundary-expanding experimentation is that some experiments fail. But this time it’s going to be different, a real breakthrough. The next houseplant, once I’m ready again, will be a cactus.


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