lowering a message in a bottle into an empty well

Due to my erratic posting, this isn’t the kind of blog a person checks on a regular basis (if at all), and I’m aware of that. Therefore, I’m praying to Internet Jesus on this holy Cyber-Easter for someone to Google some combination of “crash san antonio teabag tea party” or “tea party san antonio crash april 15” and be led here. Because I am sort of curious about getting a group together Wednesday to check out the weirdness, not really even act up (that much), but to go and observe, like college kids obnoxiously ironically going to a monster truck rally. 

Pretty abstract, not-that-thought-out idea, I realize. But one characteristic of my artist’s temperment is the inability to organize anything. You should see my closet! (suggestion: for further comedic effect, the preceding paragraph could be read aloud in a Snagglepuss voice)

So… if you’re interested, and feel like making a brief escape from Austin, and are not a covert Glenn Beck devotee who is going to seize this opportunity to carry out your elaborate plan to kidnap and enslave local doe-eyed hippies, make yourself known here. As an added bonus, you will have smashed through this blog’s comments-hymen.




Too far?


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