ain’t no manifesto like a manifesto posted on facebook

Thanks for the warm welcome. How about another round of applause for Murray Levin? Very funny stuff, Murray! Beautiful crowd here tonight. Fred, can we turn the house lights up just a bit? I want to get a closer look at these lovely folks. Ohhhh, who do we have here? Let’s turn the spotlight on this one, Fred. Yes, the gentleman here in the front with the blue suit. Everyone see this guy? He looks just like that old Dick Tracy villain, what was his name… ah yes, New York City Face! Look at all those buildings on your head; the resemblance is uncanny. Oh, and his wife looks just like a whitetail deer. Tell me, sir, when she answers the phone, does she go, (adopts deer voice) “Hello?” And this fellow in the back.. don’t laugh too hard, friend, I’m getting you next. Now folks, who does this look like? A holdover from Camelot, right? A piece of advice, my good man: never be seen in a suit of armor after Labor Day! And you there, madam, you in the fishbowl! My god, look at those rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth! Judging by the bleached white bovine skeleton on your plate, I can see you had the prime rib instead of the fish. Excellent choice!

Okay, I’ve had my fun. By applause, are there any couples here on their first date?


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