the stuff of legends- football edition

My name is Antonio Ramiro Romo, prepare to die. Unless you are an opposing defensive back, in which case, prepare to breakdance your way into the end zone while holding a football that I hand-delivered to you with a note that says, “Who says a guy can’t get his best buddy in the world a gift without it being a holiday? Thinking of You- Just Because! We should grab lunch sometime at Baja Fresh. I was going to get you an iTunes gift card, but at the last minute I decided that you would like this football better.” Yep that’s me, Tony Romo. When I wear football pants, my ass looks like your dad’s ass, mostly because my offseason training regimen consists entirely of playing golf, just like your dad. I’m like a kid out there having a great time and everything is hilarious to me, and why wouldn’t it be? The only thing I enjoy more than punching tons of hot blonde kitty is throwing the ball directly to the opposition, and I am awesome at both of those things.

P.S. Underneath my helmet I am wearing a Kangol hat.


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