you’re the most attractive person to ever send me gift-wrapped roadkill at work

People are capable of amazing things.

I know the cynical part of my nature gets the better of me a lot of times, but the truth is that there are many unsung heroes among us, doing kind deeds without a lot of fanfare. For example, my grandmother was having car trouble the other day. As you can imagine, some of the folks whose morning commute was slowed as she pulled onto the shoulder and put her hazards on, were less than charitable (in recounting this story, Granny repeated some of the things shouted at her, and I was a little surprised at her comfort level with the anecdotal use of the “c word”). Alone in a strange part of town, she was understandably upset and began to worry. However, just when things looked their bleakest, along came an anonymous gentleman to help her in her time of need. He loaned her his cell phone, then after a quick check under the hood, he told her to get behind the wheel, and he lifted the car over his head and flew her to the nearest mechanic. To top it all off, he paid in advance for any repairs! I wish there was some way to thank him, but before Granny could get his name, he flew off again, telling her that he needed to get downtown to battle a giant robotic spider.  

Sometimes we need reminders of what a great place to live this world can be when we all look out for each other. Just remember this Good Samaritan the next time you’re feeling down after reading all those depressing headlines, like “Crime Rates on the Rise” or “Onlookers Cheer as Orphanage Burns Down” or “Azure Avenger Tragically Slain in Skirmish With Iron Arachnid”. In the meantime, we’re looking into nursing homes for Granny.


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