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50th post: clip show!

Darcy: Wow, check it out, Bailey, a walk-in freezer! Let’s go exploring!

Bailey: Wait, Darcy, let’s prop the door open before we get locked in here!

Door slams shut behind them

Bailey: It’s too late! Oh, Darcy, what have you gotten us into this time? It could be hours before anybody figures out we’re in here!

Darcy: Well, let’s just make the best of it. Like we did that one time, back when my parents went out of town and we turned our apartment into the area’s hottest nightclub?

Bailey: Yeah, your mom and dad weren’t too thrilled about two fourth-graders running a 21st-century Plato’s Retreat in the breakfast nook. We made hundreds of thousands of dollars that week, but here we are still living in this run-down hotel, surrounded by wacky neighbors that are always coming by unannounced. Like pro football legend Steve DeBerg, who came to our school to talk to us about the dangers of huffing paint!

Darcy:  I kinda wish Steve DeBerg would have been around to warn us about the dangers of getting in over our head in debt to members of the local Chinese underworld. Remember when they made us babysit the boss’ pet white tiger for a week?

Freezer door opens. In comes Mr. Roth, the building’s handyman

Bailey and Darcy: Mr. Roth!

Bailey: Thank goodness you came, Mr. Roth! We’ve been stuck in here for almost 22 minutes! 

Mr. Roth: You two kids can rot in here forever, for all I care. Darcy, don’t you remember the time you refused to donate a kidney to my late wife, despite being the world’s only perfect match?

Mr. Roth takes a carton of ice cream off the shelf, then pulls the door closed behind him, leaving Bailey and Darcey inside the freezer.

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