street lobsters gotta keep their pimp claw strong

An early look at potential hit shows in development for the Fall 2010 season:

Detective Mike Sullivan is a tough-as-nails cop who will do anything to crack a case, even if it means playing fast and loose with the rules. Eileen Hertzberg is a retired third-grade teacher who’s just been assigned as his new partner. At first glance, they appear to be a match made in hell, but each one’s got something the other needs to get the job done: he’s got 20 years of street knowledge and the muscle necessary to get the bad guys, while she has the ability to not pepper every sentence with ethnic slurs. “Sully and the Berg”- Tuesdays at 9pm!

What happens when you take a half-dozen newly minted fortysomething divorcees and put ’em all together in a posh Vail ski chateau? Find out on this fall’s most provocative new reality show. Watch in horror as these Corvette-coveting Casanovas and Spanx-emboldened seductresses hit the clubs in search of a 23 year-old stepmom or affluent stepdad for their teenage kids! Share in the laughter as they fight over the house’s only Epilator! Stand and cheer as they tackle age discrimination by reclaiming the words “pathetic” and “desperate”! Don’t miss “Midlife Manor” -Thursdays at 10pm!

Tired of the obvious partisan bias by corporate media outlets? You need someone who can deliver the facts in a way that speaks to YOU! Finally- the evening news the way it was meant to be delivered: in Klingon! “ruv ‘ej hov qo’ maH duj!”  Weeknights at 7pm and 11pm!


1 Response to “street lobsters gotta keep their pimp claw strong”

  1. 1 crackityjonze
    January 30, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    You made me Google “Spanx”. DAMN YOU!

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