in which some stuff happens

“Ours is a forbidden love,” said the boy angel Precious Moments porcelain figurine to the girl angel Precious Moments porcelain figurine, “but the few stolen kisses we have shared, coupled with the heavy price we have paid for them, only increase my desire to have you near me.” The girl angel Precious Moments porcelain figurine replied, “I cannot wait until 6 o’clock this evening, when the elderly grandmother that imprisons us finally goes off to bed. Then, hidden under the cover of darkness, we can once again express our true feelings for one another.”

“Despite the fact that we are tens of thousands of years old, my love for you remains as ageless as our eternally childlike faces,” the girl angel Precious Moments porcelain figurine continued, “and it has only grown in the eons since God kicked us out of heaven for having sex.” The boy angel Precious Moments porcelain figurine nodded in agreement, and added, “Though our exile on earth has tested our thresholds for suffering, my spirit is renewed daily when I consider two things: one, that we are still together, and two, that we at least avoided the fate of the star-crossed lovers from Love Is…, who in a fit of God’s wrath were stripped of not only their wings but their genitals. If I have lost Heaven but gained you, I still consider that the most fortunate bargain ever afforded me.”

“Still your tongue, my cherubic inamorato,” the girl angel Precious Moments porcelain figurine said. “From my vantage point atop the curio cabinet I can see the TV, and it appears that Jeopardy! is now over, which means that the old woman will be coming by soon to dust us.” The boy angel Precious Moments porcelain figurine grinned slyly. “Prepare yourself aptly, for the chore she does with her feather duster shall be but a mere prelude to the vigor with which I plan to knock the dust off your sweet ass this very night.”


1 Response to “in which some stuff happens”

  1. 1 Hey, brother!
    July 21, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    So hot…..

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