haircut for hire

New from ToyCo© – here come the AstroBots®! Part Man and Part Machine™, the AstroBots® fight to protect the Sword of Mystics™ from their sworn enemies, the RoboLords®! Centuries ago, a mad scientist on the planet Circuitonia™ built two armored androids to drill for a new energy source at the core of their dying world. The scientist favored one android over the other, and from their rivalry two clashing factions of metal warriors were born!

Now they’ve come to earth to continue their struggle for supremacy over the universe, and it’s up to you to keep them from destroying humanity in their quest for the planet’s energy! The courageous ValianTron© needs your help as the Astrobots® fight the RoboLords®, led by Sinistarr™, who is maybe not evil so much as merely misunderstood, and perhaps having a lot of unanswered questions as to why he could never measure up to ValianTron© in the eyes of his creator, who inexplicably gave him the face of a skeleton and claws for hands, as well as a pretty unflattering name. It’s almost like he never even wanted him to succeed!

Build your collection of all the characters in each opposing army: from ValianTron’s© loyal first mate Braveblade®, a robot who has mastered the power of flight, but also internally grapples with the guilt of having taken so many of his enemies’ lives; to SiniStarr’s™ henchman Megalok®, now with Spinning Action™, who refuses to come to terms with a substance abuse problem that has been affecting his work more and more lately! Complete the set with ValianTron’s© daughter Princess Chromata™, a fearless heroine whose strength is evident not only on the battlefield, but in dealing with the private, silent agony of carrying the child of RoboLord® Squadron Commander PhaseZone®!

Have your parents assemble the AstroBot® MegaFortress™, with spring-loaded missiles that really shoot! Transport them into battle from their secret hidden bases with the Titani-Copter™, which holds up to eight AstroBot® or RoboLord® characters! Help your Astrobots® cope with the horrors of combat as they become all too acquainted with war’s great irony: that no matter how much damage you might inflict upon your enemies, it will never compare to the suffering visited on your own psyche! AstroBots®! Collect them all!


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