fix up look sherpa

“May I have your attention.”
These words, spoken not as a request, but as a chilly demand implying dire consequences for any who might fail to comply with it, were the first sound the students heard after the crack of her pointer on the blackboard. Many times during the upcoming semester her students would imagine the small woman whose hair was held back in a tight bun employing that pointer like a riding crop, living up to her campus-wide reputation as an instructor unafraid to figuratively fleck her charges’ hindquarters to drive them to their talents’ outermost limits. Under her tutelage, her pupils would learn every fiber of the curriculum, but perhaps more critically, they would conjure within themselves a fearlessness forged in the crucible of knowing that any danger they might encounter in the real world would be a trifle when compared with the famous withering glare she directed at any work she deemed below standard. If she was harsh, it was only to prepare them for the relentless onslaught of trials she knew awaited them at their schooling’s conclusion. And though controversial, her methods would be vindicated once the world saw the unprecedented heights of originality, humor and attitude reached by the Class of 1993 of the Spencer’s Gifts T-Shirt Design Academy, though they would later be known as the Class of 68: You Do Me And I’ll Owe You One.


1 Response to “fix up look sherpa”

  1. 1 kitten princess
    February 9, 2012 at 11:02 am

    you couldn’t resist could you?

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