‘step by step spec script’ is a hard phrase to say, for a lot of reasons

(J.T., textbooks in hand, enters left to find FRANK seated at the kitchen table attempting to repair a clock radio. Next to FRANK is a glass of milk and a plate with a few cookies on it.)

FRANK: Oh hey, son. Just trying to fix this thing (hides cookies under the table); no cookies to be found. (Realizes he’s holding the screwdriver backwards and turns it around)

J.T.: Dana’s helping Mark with his history project in the living room. Mind if I do some studying in here?

FRANK: Sure, pull up a chair. (picks up the clock radio, looks at it, gives up trying to fix it). Hey J.T., I couldn’t help noticing you’ve had a lot on your mind lately. Anything you feel like talking to your old man about?

J.T.: Well, there is one thing. I’ve been putting off having this talk with you. For a couple of years, actually.

FRANK: Well, you can talk to me about anything, pal. After all, we’ve been through a lot these past couple of years.

J.T.: All right, here goes. When I was in sixth grade, I overheard my pediatrician tell you that I had a slight deformity of the penis. He said that although my penis appeared totally normal, a small fold of skin underneath my glans would need minor surgery to correct it before I became sexually active or it would be more prone to infections. Anyways, now that I’ve got my driver’s license, I kinda need to hurry up and have the surgery.

(Cody enters and opens the fridge)

CODY: Hey, Uncle Frank, hey J.T. Just grabbing a sandwich. By the way, J.T., I got that box of those things you wanted me to buy from the drugstore out in my van. Oh, and don’t worry, Dude, I’ll totally wait until Uncle Frank leaves the room to bring them in, so he doesn’t see what they are, just like you asked me.


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