cattle royale

The lady from the Himalayan Institute Neti Pot Demo video rises to greet the sun each morning, giving thanks while reflecting the orb’s subtle, austere beauty back to it in equal measure as it climbs in the grapefruit-colored sky. Her placid expression remains fixed even as her morning coffee scalds her lips, tongue, and esophagus. The discomfort of this world is only temporary, an obstacle to be overcome, she thinks to herself. She returns inside to complete the rest of her morning rituals, basking in the tranquil southwestern colors of neutral sand tones, muted terra cotta reds, and vibrant Taos blues to undertake each of the day’s tasks. Her mind is at peace, secure in the knowledge that using distilled or filtered water, not tap water as had once been commonly practiced, to irrigate her sinuses reduces the risk of amoebic infection while keeping her breathing passages clear. From there she goes on to work, where her pastoral demeanor soothes her co-workers and blesses the office with calm. They view her as a leader, universally admiring her unflappable approach to even the most formidable challenges, even as they find it difficult to bond socially with her at times. Her cubicle sits adjacent to the lunch room, as she alone can muster discipline enough to cope with the nauseating smells that emanate from the microwave in an unbroken stream from 11-1, soldiering serenely on among the fumes of tuna noodle casserole or saag paneer, and at odd intervals on those afternoons when Bryan from accounting makes popcorn. He never, ever doesn’t burn it. It is no surprise, then, that when the gods voice their displeasure for their iniquities, that the high priest would approach her as a candidate for a blood sacrifice to appease their wrath, so that they might end the years of famine and pestilence. It is not necessary to bind her. She climbs onto the platform with stoic courage, silent and strong like a reed resisting the wind, resolute not to betray any emotion before the grieving lookers-on as she is lowered into the volcano.

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October 2012

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